Squadra Summer ride

Dear cycling enthusiast,
We are very happy to see that you want to subscribe for our cycling tour ride on the 2nd of June 2024! There will be the option to ride 75, 120 or 160 km through the nice landscape around Eindhoven. All the routes will start and finish at the cycling cafe ‘The Cyklist’ and include a cup of coffee and some snacks at the aid stations. In this document, you have the option to select the distance and pay to make your subscription final. At last one week before the start of the ride, we will send an email with the latest information about the routes and starting times.

General Information

2nd of June 2024

Choose between 75/110/140km



Terms and Conditions

Wearing a helmet is mandatory!

Make sure your bike is in working condition, no malfunctional parts

Keep in mind the weather and wear proper clothes

Respect the environment. Keep your trash with you and throw it in a bin later. There will be more than enough trash cans at the stop and finish so no need to pollute nature

Look out for each other, keep it friendly and help each other when necessary

Make sure you have a contact person ready in case of emergencies

Keep in mind traffic rules. Fun is the most important, not the highest speed

The organization and their volunteers are not liable for any damage suffered during the tour-ride.

Have a safe and enjoyable ride!