Squadra Inventory

To assist new and current members, Squadra has a broad inventory ranging from loaner bikes to bike transportation. Below is an overview of everything we rent out to members!


A well-maintained team car is available for all members to rent. This car can fit 9 bikes in total, and in real tour-de-france-style is equipped with a “koerstoeter”, toolbox and megaphone, for just 10ct /km! To rent this car, please visit the team car page https://squadraveloce.nl/ploegwagen/


Going on a trip and want to use your car? No worries, Squadra has a Thule towbar carrier for 3 bikes to rent for all members, for €5,00 a day. Is 3 bikes not enough? Squadra also owns a bike trailer for 6 bikes! Contact the treasurer if you would like to rent the bike carrier or trailer.


Want to borrow a bike, or don’t have a bike yet? Squadra has a variety of loaner bikes available, ranging from 52, 54, 56 and 58 frame sizes. There is also a crossbike available. Joining for your first “proeftraining” (try-out training)? Then we will arrange a loaner bike for you, send a DM or email and we’ll reach out to you!

Trek Emonda size 56 loaner bike