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Welcome to E.S.W.V. Squadra Veloce

Squadra Veloce is Eindhoven’s student cycling association! We are an active association where student cyclists of every level are welcome, from recreational cyclists to racers!

We train twice a week. On Tuesdays, we train at the cycling track at OpNoord, where we focus on speed and technique. In the summer evenings, you can find us training on on the open roads on Thursdays! There is a training group for every level. In the winter months, we stay fit thanks to Spinning lessons in the Students Sport Centre! Additionally, every other Sunday, all year round, we organize the Squadra Sunday Special, a long endurance ride on the weekend! Triathletes also train with us! Joining training is not mandatory, but the more you join, the more fun! There is always an opportunity for a drink after the training with fellow members!

Alongside the weekly training, Squadran’s also regularly participate in races and tours. Throughout the year there are different kinds of training camps and weekends in the hills of Spain, France or Belgium.

There is loads of time spent together without the bikes too. This is where we put the ‘Student’ in ESWV! The activity committee organizes regular drinks at our sponsors Café Cyklist or Café Costa, alongside other activities like bowling, climbing, or track cycling.

New to cycling or still unsure about joining? You can use one of our loan bikes and helmets to see if cycling is the sport for you! Interested after reading all of this? Send us an email at board@squadraveloce.nl so you can get to know Squadra at a training!