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Great to see that you are interested in becoming a member! Please fill in the Google forms by clicking the button below, and we will sign you up! To become a member, you must have a valid SSCE sports card, and be a student. Are you signing up halfway through the academic year? No worries, you’ll get 50% off if you sign up after March 31st! More info about prices in the table below!

With a triathlon membership, you can become a member of Squadra, Nayade en Asterix. This includes a mandatory NTB license to join competitions and be insured in the swimming pool. By becoming a triathlon member, you can only join the Squadra training and don’t get discounts on clothing or activities. Would you like to get the full Squadra + triathlon experience? Become a Squadra + triathlon member!

Through the sign-up form you can indicate if you wish to become a KNWU (Dutch cycling union) member, this allows you to buy a (day) license through Squadra, to participate in races and competitions, in addition to the other benefits of the KNWU. More info about the KNWU here:

Membership Squadra Veloce €30,00
Vecchio Squadra Veloce €30,00
Membership After 31st of March€15,00
Triathlon Member €30,00
Triathlon Member + Squadra Veloce €50,00
KNWU Membership €14,00
NTB Membership (U23 / 23+)€35,00 / €49,00

You can sign up for Squadra Veloce via the Google Forms link below.