Social Safety

At Squadra Veloce we take the safety and well-being of all our members very seriously. This means creating a safe environment for all our members where they can actively participate and be involved with the association. This starts with the board. This means that the board is more than willing to help when it comes to issues and problems related to social safety within the association.

Furthermore, there is a social safety roadmap in place via the SSC Eindhoven to ensure that Squadra Veloce remains a safe and pleasant association for everyone.

Who should I contact?

A confidential contact person is the first point of contact for anyone who has a question about or experiences transgressive behaviour. The CCP acts as the first point of contact for anyone with a complaint or question. They will not handle complaints themselves, but offer a listening ear, give advice, and refer to suitable help, such as a specialized confidential advisor. The confidential contact person handles all requests for help in strict confidentiality. Any action is only taken with the consent of the person reporting.

Within Squadra, there are two confidential contact persons, you can always reach out to them through a call or WhatsApp message if there is anything you wish to talk about!

Sebastian van den Wildenberg

Marit Pattipeilohy

Even if you are in doubt about the (seriousness of the) situation, do not hesitate to contact the person you think can best help. Your report is always handled confidentially. In addition, the SSCE also offers confidential persons, at this link, you can find the complete list of SSCE contact people should you need it.

SSC Eindhoven – Social Safety Support Guide

The SSC expects everyone, employee, student or guest, to deal responsibly with the ethical aspects of the working and sports environment. But what if you suspect that something is happening that should not be done, if you yourself have a conflict of interest or if you have to deal with undesirable behavior?